Vanishing In Bloom

by Wallower

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released December 16, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonas Vece.
Art and logo by Devin Garvin/Katastrophe Design.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Meteor
Shattered sunlight prevails-piercing the gaze of charred seraphim. Witnessing such a great descent to cross such a mortal chasm. Soaring, trailing soot and ember throughout the glowing skyline. Let me hit the ground. Let me burden the Earth. Bones to ashes. Ashes to dust. Cascades of cinders rain with such grace, golden embodiments of fate scoured across the dawn. Dusk will become night. Night will be bleak. Wounds, they heal. Invoked light, swallowing the meekest and engulfing them in the ambrosia of triumph. Judgement's banner dissolved and disarmed. Salvation, perpetual. A diadem for a chosen few, Signifying ascendency. It never lasts. Echoes of ghosts, lost, fade away. We fade away. Engraved in nothingness, humility sheds itself. Failure burns bright.
Track Name: Dispel
Dream for me. As if I had a chance, so fragile in my hollow form. As if these hands still could shape with the will of creation... And the boundless. Once again in the valley of silver mists, we splinter. Diminished. Defeated. We called this home. Shattered by needles and doubt, freedom was to drown. Tongues deep in the fountain, we drank the timelessness. Bleak leylines marked the mountainside, as if mocking such contempt. Begging to be torn for the secrets that writhe within. Feed them to those seeking to dispel the drudge. Dread melts from the palms of the valley. Glorious smokes of wisdom pervade the land, without misery.
Track Name: Tempest
Cast from heaven, ultimately lost in the sands of time. Warring forces thrashing within the void-labyrinths so forbiddingly empty, and sealed for an eternity. Approached by the gates of atonement, deaf repose and withered disgust. How could forgiveness be sought when chaos still gripped this realm? How could this tempest of guilt be purged? I've lost the way. The storm creeps up my neck, slowly sliding down my spine, and into my sunken chest. There is a blizzard in my being. Punished and pushed indefinitely by my strayed path, sinking in frozen lakes, miles deep. Sinking in frozen lakes, where sleep sleeps.
Track Name: Summer's Oblivion
Surrendered to the warmth. Suffocating veils, wrapped limbs casting shadows in all directions. Cloth woven so tightly around the throats of every man. Circling lights contort to their own blessing. Vast reflections, portraits of thought all dissipating with the grip of black winds. My will to live has grown so thin. Clenched fists of petals and earth. The revealing of truths turns to penance, embraced never more. Sacrificing faith pains the flesh... To relinquish relentless piety is to lie to the soul. Unquenched desires for purpose, serendipity and immortality. They'd rather die than live alone, and cold. They'd rather be warm in the glow of delusion.